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New Idea

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started piano lessons at the age of 5
early fascination for the guitar and self studies at the age of 12
1994 Studies of jazz guitar at the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen
1999 final degree (diploma for jazz), winning a scholarship for 3 years
2000-2009 Further studies in composition| Playing in different bands and groups on international festivals, radio and television
2010-2012 working as a regular music teacher at the Marie Curie Gymnasium in Düsseldorf
2011 working at the Institut Witten Annen as a teacher for jazz and classical guitar
2012 started teaching jazz guitar and ensemble classes at the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen
2012 CD, Il était une fois“ Christof Söhngen Trio. Compositions of my own music. NRW-Records. Music for guitar, cello and drums| Working and performing with several female singers, further playing in German clubs and festivals (Jazz-Rally Düsseldorf)
2020 working as a professional solo guitar player in Hotels and Bars
2022 Writing and recording music for the german television movie „Tatort : Murot und das Gesetz des Karma“
2023 organizing and playing several jazz concerts with international musicians in Witten with financial support
2023 nominated for the „deutschen Fernsehpreis“ for the best music score on a german television movie production